401k loan vs home equity loan

How Do You Define Retirement? – Instead, strictly voluntary 401(k)-type plans are the standard retirement plan. Then there’s the evaporation of home equity that took place after the. You may even be paying off student loans in.

hecm loans pros and cons what is an fha loan and who qualifies public service loan forgiveness: What It Is, How It Works. – Public Service Loan Forgiveness is a federal program designed to encourage students to enter relatively low-paying careers like firefighting, teaching, government, nursing, public interest law and.

Wi$eUp: Financial Planning for Generation X & Y Women – Expert Q&A Archive back to archive list 07/31/2006. Home Equity Loan vs. 401(k) Loan "Of course it depends on what your principal amount is and what the interest rates are, but is there a rule of thumb whether it’s smarter to, say, get a home equity loan as opposed to borrowing against.

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Should You Use a Loan to Pay Your Tax Bill? – The good news is that if you’re rate-shopping for home equity or personal loans, multiple inquiries may be treated as a single inquiry for credit-scoring purposes. Using credit cards, withdrawing from.

Does It Ever Make Sense to Get a 401(k) Loan? – The Simple Dollar – With a 401(k) loan, you don't pay a bank interest for the money you.. make sense to take out a 401(k) loan – when you're buying a home.

Tap your 401(k) to buy or remodel a home? – ImprovementCenter –  · 401(k) loan terms: Repay within five years, although repayment of a loan for a home purchase may be extended. Loan repayment must be made at least quarterly over the life of the loan; If you don’t repay the 401(k) loan on time and you are under 59 ½, you’ll pay a 10 percent penalty and regular income tax on the withdrawal.